Life is short


Life is short

I took this photo from Paulo Coelho’s facebook page.. This is exactly what i’m trying to do now, despite the fact that i can love again (ups).
But yeah i will surely never regret anything that makes me smile.. =)
Enjoying life, that’s exactly what I will do.


forgotten blog

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Goshh.. Poor this blog, already forgotten by its owner..


Don’t worry, my blog.. I’ll give you some posts later..! 🙂

New year’s blessing :)

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Well, I thought I was gonna write a post like my previous post, about spending the holiday at the rig. But eventually, out of nowhere, I got the chance to celebrate the New Year in Bandung where actually the job hasn’t finished yet. How come? Shortly, it’s like this: stuck pipe + saving money = send back engineers. To save money, while figuring out how to release the stuck, the client sent back engineers who didn’t have job to do. Ahahaa. So, let’s say, for me that was a beautiful incident. :p
oh and thanks so much to my partner Raditya that he gave me the chance to leave (one of us need to stay there).

I was daydreaming if I could spend the New Year not in the rig. It would be really nice if I could go to the church in the first day of the year with my lovely one. Hahaha.. But not only He gave me that, He also showed us the way to PVJ rooftop where we could see the fireworks from all over the city! That was a great moment I’ve never had in my life before. Ahahaha. Why I said ‘He showed us the way’? Initially, we (bg Pangsit, bg Ranto, Wandi, CRS, and I) wanted to go to Gasibu after having dinner in Katjapiring at PVJ. But, on the way out, somehow we ended up at the PVJ garden upstairs. Haha. Well, that was cool.
Oh ya, before going to PVJ, we also went to D’Ranch in Lembang. It was a nice place, cowboy style.. but, too bad, it was raining when we got there, so we only goofing around with the horses there. Ahahaha..

That’s it, my story for the new year. Happy New Year !!

From D'Ranch with horse's smile

Offshore for the first time


It’s been a long time since I posted about my job. Well, after 2 months days off, an incredible one where you were literally doing nothing but get paid, I finally got my job, first time for an offshore and first time for logging job. It’s true what people said that working on offshore is way better than land job, in the facility /accommodation side of view. Here, everything is clean, no bechek2, the food is sooo delicious, a gym, movie room, and even in some rigs they have sauna. But still, you are far away from home. I mean home by people you love, even i have to eat at ‘warung tegal’ since the monthly income is decreased excessively :p …

Well, enough for the talk, actually i just wanna share some photos,, since this is my first time and my mom were worried since i’m in the middle of the ocean. ahahaaa.. well, these photos might wanna add up the worries. ahahhaa..

View from my room

walking on the top of water 😀

water water water

life boats

aaa there are my units.. there.. two white with red strip boxes..

Lesson learned

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THINK before you speak, Iyet! Carefully. Or you’ll be sorry.

Oh yeah, and one more, never easily say yes or some promise if you don’t really feel like you can fulfill it.. Okey, girl?! 😉

My songs recently


The songs I hear over and over again recently

Haha, I don’t know the title of that Destiny Child’s songs. Basically, I like the music and how they sound. But, I really like the lyric of these songs: Firework, Run to You, and Love for A Child.

Now, I need more good songs. Any suggestion?

Blog adjustments

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Right. First, I changed my blog theme. As you can see now, it’s yellow and few chocolate. Yellow! Hellow, iyet. Since when you’d choose yellow as your color? Ahaha.. Ah, don’t care. I like the appearance at the first sight. And I’m kinda into chocolate right now, so yeah.. still added my fav color though. haha.

Next, I re-read my page “Tentang Aku”. Suddenly, I felt so lame. Ahahaa.. I actually wrote it at my friendster account where now the account has been deleted. No use for sure. But, I’ll write it down here just for my memoir.. In case I need something to laugh about. wkwkwk

Here it is.

Mw tulis apa ya tentang diriku… Mmm.. Mungkin aku cuma bisa bersyukur aja kl aku dah dilahirkan, dengan orangtua yang seperti orangtuaku, dan sodara seperti adek2ku.. I think we’re happy family… sebenarnya ga tw juga mw nulis apa, krn bukan org yang biasa nulis.. (makanya bikin blog, biar terbiasa nulis,,

Here they are..

“Tinggi (175 cm terakhir diukur pas 3 SMA)
Cuek (Do I care ’bout you???….)
pemalu (dah mw kencing clana waktu disuruh baca sekalimat dari buku pas SD bahkan sampe SMP)
gak terlalu berambisi (nyante aj)
Males ngurusin badan
Ga suka Dangdut!! (definetly..)
kdg ga suka sendirian
kdg ga suka keramaian
sekarang lagi ngekos di rumah bahagia gg Abah Iri bersama Dwi and Sindy (love u guys..)
ga ngorok ataupun ngerokok
suka makan babi panggang (a***r,, enak bgt,,)
suka nyanyi (hobi doang…)
maen piano (hobi juga, males blajar toge2 jadinya maen bdsrkan feeling aj…) bisa gitar (sama nasibnya ama piano)
punya 2 adik yg ganteng.. (luv u guys…)
mama yang jd ibu n teman (never wanna more…. u’re the best)
bapak yg wise n calm (teach me pap….)
teman2 yg menyenangkan, esp di UKSU ama kelompok blajar di TI (ntah knapa, kami slalu bisa full berkumpul saat blajar, besoknya mw uts soalny) (namanya KBOke, Kelompok Belajar Oke… hehe.. kami bukan gank…ingat!!!)
u cannot change my belief so easily (mmm … bisa dibilang kl aku dah pegang satu prinsip, u cannot easily change it)
ga peduli org mw blg apa (apa?!? mw ejek daku?? silahkan,, ga ngaruh,, dah kebal bok dari dulu.. hehe..)
kdg kyk cewe
kdg ga sadar kl aku cewe (tau tempatlah,,,)
suka maen bulu tangkis ama futsal
suka maen kartu (raja2 apalagi)
suka nge-billiard (kl lagi liburan)
suka mintain minum org (dikiiittt aj)
GiRl PoWeR!!
wanna find me? please, look around Sunken Court W-06 ITB.. biasa beredar di kampus sihh.. ”


ntah hapa…

Elisa Julietta Magdalena Sirait
Lahir di Pematangsiantar
Besar di Pematangsiantar
SD s.d. SMA di Kalam Kudus Pematangsiantar
ntah napa bisa kdampar di Bandung
Teknik Industri (angk.2005) ITB
UKSUers 2005
MTI 2005
Lab.Sistem Produksi TI-ITB 2005


yeah, i know guys.. it’s lame. Now, the page “About Me” is the new one. Okey, I’ll try not to make it lame anymore.. haha.

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