aaaah,,, sudah lama tak nge-blog.. selain tak ada sinyal yg jelas selama ini (inipun skrg nyuri wifi rig -_- ), aku juga lagi mengalamin yg namanya writer’s block.. *ngeheee.. *cem betol aja :p

ahaha, seriusan tp.. pgn nulis sesuatu, tp lg tak ada yg pgn ditulis.. hahaa..
soalnya semua lg datar2 saja.. (except my love life of course :p)
I think I’m really losing my passion I had when I was still a student. Now, I’m thinking of how I can get the passion again.. the life.. literally LIFE.. the regular one where I know when I have to work, when to have fun, when to work my body out, when to sleep.. something certain.. and the most important thing, where I can be a full time woman.. 😀

yaudah deh.. segini aja..