It’s been a long time since I posted about my job. Well, after 2 months days off, an incredible one where you were literally doing nothing but get paid, I finally got my job, first time for an offshore and first time for logging job. It’s true what people said that working on offshore is way better than land job, in the facility /accommodation side of view. Here, everything is clean, no bechek2, the food is sooo delicious, a gym, movie room, and even in some rigs they have sauna. But still, you are far away from home. I mean home by people you love, even i have to eat at ‘warung tegal’ since the monthly income is decreased excessively :p …

Well, enough for the talk, actually i just wanna share some photos,, since this is my first time and my mom were worried since i’m in the middle of the ocean. ahahaaa.. well, these photos might wanna add up the worries. ahahhaa..

View from my room

walking on the top of water 😀

water water water

life boats

aaa there are my units.. there.. two white with red strip boxes..