Recently, I just watched “You Don’t Know Jack”.. A true story of a retired doctor, named Jack, who ran a service for sick people who wanted to die as they had no chance to live a normal life. The patients were not in coma, they could still think and had to be reasonable and rational. He selected those people who in his perspective deserved to end their life. At first, he built a device where the sick person could pull the trigger of some deadly liquid injected to the patient so he/she died fastly without pain. Later, he used carbon monoksida (I guess, kinda forgot, hehe). Of course, there were controversies about what he did. He was accused as a murder, but the thing is, he didn’t kill them. He “helped” them suicide.

There were procons, absolutely. But what do I think about that? In one hand, I agreed to one of my friends saying “the most basic right of a human being is the right to choose”. Free will. Now, what if a person choose to end his/her life when he/she knows he/she has a little time to live or has disease like total paralyzed, that only miracle (that no one knows it would happen or not) could save him/her. Is it acceptable?

In Christianity, suicide is a sin. And helping someone to suicide is also a sin. In that film, Jack was accused by this in law, that he helped someone to die. And, okey, they “think” they have no more hopes, but what about the willing and the spirit to live, about faith. Don’t you have faith in God?

If someone decide to end his/her life in this case, would I support him/her? Even though it is his/her choice, and it’s his/her deal personally with God, I think I would never support a suicide. But I won’t judge also. I mean, hey, it’s his/her deal with his/her creator.

What if I were in those sick people position? What would I do? In one side, I’m aware that money is the issue, it would be easier for everyone if I just die. But in the other side, I believe in God’s miracle, still have faith in Him. Even, I don’t know maybe I could lose the hope in such depressed condition. I’m just hoping there will be people boosting my spirit.

So? Actually, I don’t know.. *ahaha after the long posting, I still don’t know what to do.. I’m just hoping, I won’t be in that position. But, my conclusion is, people fully have their right to decide. But if in the end they choose to die, it’s just because they have lose their faith…