Life is short


Life is short

I took this photo from Paulo Coelho’s facebook page.. This is exactly what i’m trying to do now, despite the fact that i can love again (ups).
But yeah i will surely never regret anything that makes me smile.. =)
Enjoying life, that’s exactly what I will do.


forgotten blog

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Goshh.. Poor this blog, already forgotten by its owner..


Don’t worry, my blog.. I’ll give you some posts later..! 🙂

New year’s blessing :)

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Well, I thought I was gonna write a post like my previous post, about spending the holiday at the rig. But eventually, out of nowhere, I got the chance to celebrate the New Year in Bandung where actually the job hasn’t finished yet. How come? Shortly, it’s like this: stuck pipe + saving money = send back engineers. To save money, while figuring out how to release the stuck, the client sent back engineers who didn’t have job to do. Ahahaa. So, let’s say, for me that was a beautiful incident. :p
oh and thanks so much to my partner Raditya that he gave me the chance to leave (one of us need to stay there).

I was daydreaming if I could spend the New Year not in the rig. It would be really nice if I could go to the church in the first day of the year with my lovely one. Hahaha.. But not only He gave me that, He also showed us the way to PVJ rooftop where we could see the fireworks from all over the city! That was a great moment I’ve never had in my life before. Ahahaha. Why I said ‘He showed us the way’? Initially, we (bg Pangsit, bg Ranto, Wandi, CRS, and I) wanted to go to Gasibu after having dinner in Katjapiring at PVJ. But, on the way out, somehow we ended up at the PVJ garden upstairs. Haha. Well, that was cool.
Oh ya, before going to PVJ, we also went to D’Ranch in Lembang. It was a nice place, cowboy style.. but, too bad, it was raining when we got there, so we only goofing around with the horses there. Ahahaha..

That’s it, my story for the new year. Happy New Year !!

From D'Ranch with horse's smile

It’s Christmas and I’ve lost the sensation!

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Yap, I’ve lost the sensation of Christmas.. When everybody get excited of Christmas coming, I just feel nothing.. Christmas or not, it’s just the same day after day passed by.. I started feeling this since I was in college. And the biggest reason for this is obvious. I stopped participating in Christmas event after finishing high school. ahahaha.. I don’t know, maybe I was just too lazy doing it at that time, but now, even if I want to, I can’t. Why? Because this last 2 years, I stuck in the rig, working! ahahaha…

I really miss the feeling I had back in time I was in school. Very very excited when this holiday season came. I want to feel it again.. And I want to be at home with my family, too!! Next year, I will and I have to! ahahaha..

Well, while writing this post, I’m just spending this Christmas eve chatting via Yahoo Messenger with my boyfriend. The two of us are the same… alone in our own place, got nothing to do, can’t be home for Christmas. hahahaa..

That’s it for today.. Write to you next time..

I’m blocked

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aaaah,,, sudah lama tak nge-blog.. selain tak ada sinyal yg jelas selama ini (inipun skrg nyuri wifi rig -_- ), aku juga lagi mengalamin yg namanya writer’s block.. *ngeheee.. *cem betol aja :p

ahaha, seriusan tp.. pgn nulis sesuatu, tp lg tak ada yg pgn ditulis.. hahaa..
soalnya semua lg datar2 saja.. (except my love life of course :p)
I think I’m really losing my passion I had when I was still a student. Now, I’m thinking of how I can get the passion again.. the life.. literally LIFE.. the regular one where I know when I have to work, when to have fun, when to work my body out, when to sleep.. something certain.. and the most important thing, where I can be a full time woman.. 😀

yaudah deh.. segini aja..

Vaca-post-job-tion in Bali!


Bali agaiinn..!

Kali ini gara2 gak dapet tiket pulang ke jakarta nihh,, arus balikk sih.. ahaha.. ‘terpaksa’ deh  nginep dua malam, terpaksa jalan2, terpaksa cari makan2an enak, terpaksa shopping2 😀

But.. however fun this is, it’s nothing compares to the time I spent with you, universe.. 🙂

Offshore for the first time


It’s been a long time since I posted about my job. Well, after 2 months days off, an incredible one where you were literally doing nothing but get paid, I finally got my job, first time for an offshore and first time for logging job. It’s true what people said that working on offshore is way better than land job, in the facility /accommodation side of view. Here, everything is clean, no bechek2, the food is sooo delicious, a gym, movie room, and even in some rigs they have sauna. But still, you are far away from home. I mean home by people you love, even i have to eat at ‘warung tegal’ since the monthly income is decreased excessively :p …

Well, enough for the talk, actually i just wanna share some photos,, since this is my first time and my mom were worried since i’m in the middle of the ocean. ahahaaa.. well, these photos might wanna add up the worries. ahahhaa..

View from my room

walking on the top of water 😀

water water water

life boats

aaa there are my units.. there.. two white with red strip boxes..

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